Why eBooks

Some people ask why Kind Authors focuses on eBooks.  Here are three reasons:

1) High Sector Growth: This recent article from Publishers Weekly presents telling information on the ongoing battle between print and eBooks.   Amazon already sells more eBooks than hardcover and paperback combined.  And as tablets continue to plummet in price, more and more people will buy eBooks. Personally, I think the biggest reason for the growth of eBooks is impulse purchases: you hear about a book, you can have it within 60 seconds. With print, you have to remember the title of the book, then go to a bookstore to find it, or wait to have it mailed to you if you order online.

2) Level Playing Field: It’s almost impossible for non-famous authors to get into bookstores these days. Why? Because bookstores are struggling so badly that they cannot take the risk.  They have to go with proven winners.  So while I could walk into a bookstore and get 1/5 independent book stores to try out my book ten years ago, now that number might be 1/20.  And there’s far fewer independent book stores today than in 2001, not to mention the demise of Borders.  Read the middle of this article to learn more about how bookstores are parrying their selections.

3) Greater Control: With eBooks, you can shift prices any time you want; you can upload new versions; you can handle both high and low volume easily; and you can go to market quickly.

Don’t get me wrong – print still has some strong advantages, particularly for business books where you want the client to hold your book in their hands and pass it on to their staff and other potential clients.  But overall, the landscape is clear – it’s smarter for new entrants to avoid wasting energy trying to get into stores and instead pursue the medium that offers a level playing field.