7 Reasons

Here are seven reasons you should consider becoming a Kind Author:

1) You will be inspired: We are master supporters and encouragers. See what Baratunde Thurston said about how Mawi Asgedom inspired him to get started.  Baratunde now has a six-figure book deal for a book coming February 2012.

2) You will do good: You really will make the world better. For example, Kind Authors have helped Selamta create multiple homes for Ethiopian orphans. Who will you support with your book?

3) You will make more money: Giving away part of your proceeds is doing good, but it’s also brilliant marketing.  The organization you’re helping will support you, other Kind Authors will help you, your friends will help you. And you’ll have extra motivation to market your book.

4) You will do your best work: We will push you to create and market with quality.

5) You will have community: Writing and marketing can be incredibly solitary.  Kind Authors will become your community.

 6) You will be advised: Founder Mawi Asgedom works directly with all Kind Authors. Mawi has sold over 250,000 books, generated speaking income greater than $1,000,000, and has an MBA from the #1 Marketing school in the world: The Kellogg School of Management. Mawi also has a strong network of advisors, writers, and “book people” who help him provide the very best training for Kind Authors.

7) You will be trained: All Kind Authors are required to attend a weekend training in Chicago where they create a detailed marketing plan and learn innovative strategies for reaching buyers. One author we trained, Steve Ritter, used his book to acquire the following consulting clients within 12 months: Kraft, Cadbury, Northwestern Mutual, KIPP Schools, and many more.

We are accepting only 10 Kind Authors. You can see our terms and contact us here.